Dog sledge driving is a total experience of speed, teamwork and grandiose scenery.

"Give me snow, give me dogs; you can keep the rest", said polar explorer Knud Rasmussen. You'll agree - just wait and see!
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The sledge feels alive under the reindeer skin, moving up and down in time with the terrain. Steam comes from the 12 baying sledge dogs. Apart from that, the silence is overwhelming, broken only when the driver gives the team a low-key order to take a left or a right. 12 perfectly swung dog's tails attest to the fact that our engine is pulling evenly on all cylinders.

Dog sledges and sledge dogs are not found throughout Greenland, only from Sisimiut and north on the West Coast and along the entire East Coast. As a tourist, dog sledge riding is best in March and April. On Disko Island, however, dog sledge riding is possible on a gletcher all year round.

Dog sledge tours are offered by the local tourist offices and last from just a few hours to several weeks. The dog sledge driver is a fisherman or hunter who normally uses the sledge in this context - to transport himself to a fishing (through a hole in the ice) or hunting area in the winter or to carry the fish or the seals back home.

Snowscooters are forbidden in many areas as they disturb the silence and may scare game away. They are not regarded safe for longer journeys as they may break down or run out of fuel - with fatal consequences for the driver. Sledge dogs however never fail.

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