Greenland has no roads between towns. No railroads either. To get around in Greenland you have to fly or - if time and sea ice permits - to sail.

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Flying in Greenland is a stunning experience. A chance to see glaciers flow between the mountains from the ice cap to the sea. With a view of the endless ice cap and a sea full of icebergs.

Helicopters serve many of the domestic routes as not all towns have airstrips. You'll also have the chance of a helicopter ride to the ice cap. And what a thrill! This machine flies backwards, then full speed ahead - always at a modest height. Flying is often done with mountain views on both sides.

The "working horse" in the Greenlandair fleet is the Canadian built Dash-7 plane with 44 seats, large wings and four propellers. Look out the windows! You'll be "as close to nature as any aviator can be", Commuter World magazine wrote in a feature.

The safety regulations to be observed here are some of the toughest in the world, and the rapidly changing weather may lead to cancellations. But don't worry - it's definitely worth waiting.

A cruise through Greenlandic waters is a visit to the world's largest sculpture park. Icebergs in all sizes and shapes are on display. Some gigantic, some more graceful, all in an inevitable process of slowly melting away. Very slowly. Larger icebergs last three to four years and may drift all the way down to New York City before they vanish.

The distribution of the icebergs depends on current and wind conditions. When sailing in Greenland you'll sometimes experience that the ship has to zigzag to make it's way ahead and almost squeeze in between the white giants.

Prepare for hour after hour on deck. You'll also want to experience when humpback whales suddenly appear and curiously get near the vessel before they raise their flukes and dive. The birdcliffs are impressive too. The narrow straits between steep rocks, small settlements, waterfalls, flocks of seals, and calving glaciers.

The obvious way to experience Greenland from the sea is of course on a cruise holiday or by sailing along the coast with a passenger ship. But there are other options as well, just as attractive. Tourist offices all over Greenland offer local cruises that take you to the most amazing spots. And yes - there's no hurry when the humpback whales come close. The captain will turn off the propeller.
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